Effectively Wild Episode 1804: Trees of the Trade

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about one of Ben’s most laborious baseball-writing experiences, answer listener emails about playing MLB games at minor league affiliates’ parks, how scouting reports affect the times-through-the-order penalty, and what they would do if they discovered that Roberto Clemente had been credited with one hit too many, share a Stat Blast (36:20) about times when the best hitters in each league (and best pitchers in each league) played in the same city, and then (46:24) talk to Aidan Gruber about his website, MLB Trade Trees, which tracks and displays trade/transaction trees for every trade in AL/NL history. Audio intro: Still Corners, “Into the Trees” Audio interstitial: David Duchovny, “3000” Audio outro: Pulp, “The TreesLink to FanGraphs redesign Link to Ben’s trade trees article Link to article on old stat changes Link to article on Wilson’s RBI Link to Craig on artificial scarcity Link to video of Clemente’s hit Link to Stat Blast hitter data Link to Stat Blast pitcher data Link to episode on lopsided trades Link to Ben on Schilling trades Link to Aidan’s Dybzinski post Link to Dybzinski trade tree Link to Stephens trade tree Link to players traded for themselves Link to Baseball Trade Values site Link to MLB Trade Trees iTunes Feed (Please rate and review us!) Sponsor Us on Patreon Facebook Group Effectively Wild Wiki Twitter Account Get Our Merch! Email Us: podcast@fangraphs.com var SERVER_DATA = Object.assign(SERVER_DATA || ); Source



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