Skylabs $VSL Token and Self-Custodial Staking Model to be Released by Vetter Ecosystem

Skylabs VSL Launchpad, a Vetter Ecosystem project, is happy to announce the upcoming presale of its exclusive Skylabs token, $VSL, which will launch on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 7 p.m. (UTC) with a ground-breaking “next-gen” staking model.

Skylabs VSL is a launchpad only to launch top-tier projects that adhere to the strictest criteria, such as having a distinct revenue stream and solid fundamentals. All projects that launch from Skylabs will conform to standards for aggressive marketing positioning.

The eagerly awaited $VSL BEP-20 token will debut only on Vsale, one of two independent launchpads at Vetter Ecosystem, which takes pride in being a decentralised environment that supports non-custodial staking. Skylabs will also participate in the launch. As a result, stakeholders are in complete control of their respective funds and are not subject to any interference from a governing body. To further limit “high-risk” investments, withdrawals are never prohibited, and their tokens are never taken away.

The community-driven project’s tokenomics are deflationary, which means that tokens cannot be created while gradually becoming scarcer due to a burning procedure. There can be no more tokens in circulation to be used as currency.

Once the buy and sell taxes are removed from DEXs for mass-marketing via CEXs, holders of the $VSL token will receive royalties from shared revenue in the form of 100% of the buy tax and 33.33% of the sales tax, which evolves into 20% of generated revenue from both launchpads. These allocations are assured for specific Skylabs Launchpad projects.

Robyn Linn is motivated to share the nuances of “Navigating The Brave New World” on the stage as an experienced investor after being invited to participate in the eagerly anticipated upcoming Wow Sumit Lisbon, Portugal Web3 event on November 1–4, 2022.

Vetter Ecosystem, supported by a committed community, includes a voting contract with blockchain authentication. The standard for helping DeFi enthusiasts make better decisions for their futures has been raised by this project.

Visit for more details on the $VSL presale and cutting-edge staking model, which will debut on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 7 pm (19:00) UTC. You can also join the presale Telegram group at to follow all the action.



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